Kuan 阿冠

Solve It Yourself

Expected launch date: mid-late March 2021
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Our world is threatened by an overwhelming mix of challenges. A few of these include: 


 Climate change that may extinct the human race. 

 Chronic diseases that kill three out of four people on earth. 

 Viral pandemics that cause rapid outbreaks across the world. 

 Social media addiction that fuels anxiety, cyber-bullying, and fake news. 

 Unfulfilling jobs that take up half of your waking hours. 


You may feel powerless to tackle these problems; you believe that top-down changes are required to provide systematic solutions. But you realize that even after millions of people have marched the street and demanded change, big governments and corporations are often slow to act. You need a new way out. 


Compiling evidence from hundreds of scientific studies, Solve It Yourself will teach you four simple steps to solving social problems. You will learn from scientists how to identify the most effective actions a person can take to make a real difference. You will also find examples of everyday heroes who roll up their sleeves, take daily actions, and build communities that provide meaningful solutions. 


The power to affect change lies in your hands. Pick up this book, join the Solve It Yourself movement, and become part of the solution.

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